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Madeleine Chew

Madeleine Chew is a distinguished government professional with a multifaceted career spanning various critical roles.

In her capacity as a Project Manager & Program Coordinator for the Marine Corps, Madeleine has demonstrated her exceptional project management skills. She plays a pivotal role in overseeing the intricate activities of the Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations (PM-MCCO). Madeleine is also known for her ability to foster collaboration and keep stakeholders engaged and informed.

Madeleine’s role as an NGA Operations & Program Manager showcases her dedication to personnel management and organizational excellence Her proactive approach to cost management, along with her ability to identify talent and opportunities, has contributed significantly to her team’s growth and success. Madeleine made substantial contributions to the agency’s executive initiatives. She facilitated enterprise-wide executive initiatives, priorities, and policies, ensuring the smooth operation of critical executive functions. Her management expertise has enabled NGA to achieve ambitious performance goals for over 3 years.

With her exceptional communication skills and innate ability to connect with people, she effortlessly builds a strong and diverse network. Whether it’s attending industry events, participating in professional organizations, or simply reaching out to like-minded individuals, Madeleine leaves no stone unturned in expanding her network. Her connections span across various industries and geographies, allowing her to tap into a wealth of knowledge, opportunities, and collaborations. Madeleine’s exceptional network is not only a testament to her social prowess but also an asset that helps her navigate the professional world with ease.

Madeleine’s diverse and accomplished career in government and project management reflects her unwavering dedication to excellence, leadership, and delivering results in complex and dynamic environments. Her ability to excel in diverse roles highlights her adaptability, strategic thinking, and commitment to public service.