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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is a subject matter expert in the area of microelectronics and semiconductor fabrication, having worked in the U.S. Government and private industry across two decades. His experience includes roles as the Deputy Director of Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA), Director of Product Engineering at a data acquisition and predictive analytics company in the San Francisco Bay Area, and core member of the Defense Microelectronics Cross Functional Team responsible to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Mr. Smith helped develop the overall microelectronics strategy for the Defense Department and managed over $2 billion of microelectronics technology programs. These programs include the Trusted Foundry, which provides access to advanced semiconductor fabrication technologies, as well as design, testing, and packaging services. Mr. Smith has contributed significantly to the evolution of microelectronics analysis within the U.S. Government to include standing up of the Joint Federated Assurance Center (JFAC) and establishing a core JFAC lab for hardware assurance, microelectronic forensics and anti-counterfeit analysis. Mr. Smith also contributed to the development of multiple industry standards, including the SAE standard for suspect/counterfeit electrical, electronics, and electromechanical parts (i.e., AS6171) through work at DMEA.