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Major General Craig Wills, USAF (Ret.)

Craig Wills is a retired Air Force Major General with extensive experience leading large and diverse organizations to successful outcomes.  With a wealth of experience in Europe, the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula, Craig has served in critical roles in some of the world’s most strategically relevant flashpoints.  As a General Officer, he spearheaded two of the most significant Air Force programs in recent memory.  While the Director of Strategy at Pacific Air Forces, he led a remarkable team of thought leaders and strategists in the development of the Air Force’s Agile Combat Employment (ACE) concept, building the narrative and concept of operations that underpin the Air Force’s ability to fight and win in the Pacific.  Most recently he commanded 19th Air Force, responsible for over 32,000 Airmen and 1600 aircraft conducting primary and follow on training for most Air Force aviators.  He oversaw the pilot training next program and was the architect of the service’s pilot training transformation effort, where he led the most significant modernization of Air Force flight training in decades.  Craig has deep experience in strategy, operations, crisis management, strategic communication, change management, training and innovation.  He provides innovative and practical solutions to organizations dedicated to strengthening the defense and prosperity of the United States, our partners and allies.