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Kyle Frantz

Kyle Frantz is a talented marketing and content creation professional with over 15 years of experience. He has a deep understanding of Adobe Creative Suite and has used this expertise to create stunning designs and engaging content for his clients. Kyle is a full-stack web developer with an award-winning portfolio, and is well-known for his ability to bring his clients’ visions to life.

In addition to his technical skills, Kyle is also an accomplished brand manager. He has a proven track record of developing and executing successful marketing campaigns and is an expert in creating brand messaging and content that resonates with target audiences. With his attention to detail and innovative thinking, Kyle delivers effective marketing solutions that drive results for his clients.

Kyle’s educational background, including a BS Degree in Digital Entertainment and an AS Degree in Visual Communications, provides him with a strong foundation in design and marketing. Kyle is also a board chair for a local non-profit organization in insurance and currently works as a Digital Product Manager for Trusted Strategic Solutions.